The Indian pharmaceutical sector enjoys a prominent role globally. The pharmaceutical industry in India includes a large network of 3000 drug companies and over 10,000 manufacturing units that cater to the country’s healthcare sector. 

Our client is a leading Indian multinational pharmaceutical company that employs over 5000 people. The company has a diverse range of products and services to offer which includes APIs and custom pharmaceutical services. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and R&D centers that are on par with international standards, the pharma giant has made its mark in the Indian and global markets with a strong presence in countries like the USA, Russia & CIS countries, and Europe. 

The challenge 

Just like any other business, the end goal of a pharmaceutical company is to sell its products. Success in sales is of top priority. The market share will only increase if the number of prescriptions increases and that depends heavily on the performance of medical representatives; whether it is about getting in touch with doctors, scheduling meetings, building relationships or encouraging prospective clients to switch to the company’s products.

Medical reps are the bridge between pharma companies and doctors. In order to increase their sales, our client wanted to particularly tackle these three key issues:

Slumping time span of physical and outreach meetings

The company saw a decline in the time spent by medical reps on physical and outreach meetings every month.

Poor detailing time spent on products and solutions

The company found that reps are not spending enough time gaining a thorough knowledge of the products and services they sell. If they get into the details, they will be better equipped to answer any question that comes their way. Today, doctors are more interested in meeting reps who can tell them something that they don’t already know.

Low doctor coverage

Over the years, doctors have cut down the number of visits they allot medical reps. It is getting tougher for the pharma sector to book face-to-face meetings. Our client saw a dip in the doctor coverage rate and was looking for ways to improve it.

The company was on the lookout for a solution that could help combat these issues and improve the overall performance of the sales teams. Our client wanted to improve the KPI rate of their medical reps by keeping them motivated, engaged, and performing at their best.

The Solution – Mok Platform Deployment 

Unomok’s Mok platform was just the solution they were looking for. Here is how the Mok Platform helped the pharma company:

  • It automated processes allowing reps to focus on more important tasks.
  • The Mok engine brought about the centralization of data. It connected data from CRM, email, field sales software, location metrics and call records. Information was readily available to the team and they could access it easily.
  • With the help of the platform, sales operation teams managed incentive programs and built short and long-term goals for their reps which further enhanced the effectiveness of the sales teams. 
  • Daily personalized nudges were created to alert reps and help them be well-informed about the needs of their target doctors. This powered the medical reps to be better equipped in handling face-to-face meetings.
  • Rewards and instant recognition through badges and points were introduced to motivate reps to hit their behaviour benchmarks in line with the required digital doctor coverage. 
  • The Mok engine offered managers a single dashboard where they could track key performance indicators like Login Time, Productive Calls Made, Coverage per daily time and travel. This helped managers identify gaps in the process and work on areas that needed improvement. 
  • There were multiple contests and game-like short-term goals that were set up which played an important role in improving the engagement and efficiency of the teams.

The Result 

By deploying Mok, the all-powerful sales engagement platform, the pharma company was able to achieve a lot more than what it set out to. Here’s how Mok helped them crush their sales targets:

  • 18% rise in overall doctor coverage
  • Clearly defined, managed and improved the KPIs of medical reps
  • Increase in overall sales performance
  • Regular rewards and recognition increased the motivation levels of the medical reps to a great extent

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