On our sixth episode of the Master of Sales Podcast, we had the honor of hosting Swaroop Kishen. Swaroop is a Performance-oriented Sales leader offering an exceptional record of achievement over an 11+ year career. He is talented in identifying and capitalizing on emerging market trends and revenue opportunities. He is the sales head at Cyber Security Enthusiast. He is also an entrepreneur. He started his company with the agenda of SaaS sales as a solution.  

How to you motivate your team or how to go ahead and do sales? 

  1. Ethical leaders who lead by example make up strong teams. They illuminate the route ahead of them. They also teach employees how to deal with failure and what behaviours to exhibit. Employees, in turn, imitate the actions of their bosses. They follow in their footsteps, learn from their mistakes, and offer valuable input.  
  1. To lead by example, you must guide others via your actions rather than your words. Your goal is to motivate people to emulate your actions. 
  1. Motivate them mentor them sales is not going to happen overnight. It is a process it has to be build. 
  1. Keep giving them example of how things are done, every now and then so that they can learn 

What roles has technology made to make things better? 

  • We live in a digital age in which organisations, products, and services evolve at breakneck speed, it’s no surprise that sales and other activities are being digitally altered. The integration of digital technologies and data into all aspects of business is known as digital transformation. The era of direct sales is coming to an end, while in-direct sales are on the rise. 
  • Essentially, the rapid advancement of computer and mobile technology has compelled firms to go digital. While some businesses have succeeded in digitising their products and services, others are still drowning in the implementation process. Sales are changing as a result of digitalization, and the company as a whole is benefiting greatly. 
  • Follow-up emails to prospects and leads can be automated and scheduled using sophisticated CRM software. A sales automation technology can also help you improve your conversion rate by optimising your sales funnel. As they enter the sales funnel, leads are tracked and sorted. 
  • When it comes to reaching the global marketplace and gaining more clients, social media plays a critical role in business. Using this technology to attract targeted traffic is one of the most efficient and effective methods to do so. 

What are the KPI’s that you track among your team members? 

What you track will be the focus of your team. Ascertain that they are concentrating on the most efficient sales activity. KPIs, or key performance indicators, are leading indicators or signposts that help sales professionals and their managers determine the effectiveness of their efforts. Sales KPIs are the measures you’ll use to assess your team’s performance in relation to your sales and organizational objectives. 

You can streamline your sales process and guarantee that you and your team are prioritizing the proper activities for maximum performance by measuring the right sales KPIs. 

Turnarounds are notable because they signal an entity’s upward shift or progress following a period of significant negativity. The turnaround is similar to a restructuring process in which a company transforms a time of loss into one of profitability and success while ensuring its future stability. 

What are the qualities to have to be in the sales team? 

It is easier and faster to reach a mutually beneficial solution when you listen to your customer. It avoids blunders like miscommunications and confrontations, which can stymie sales and even drive clients away. For example, you may believe you know exactly what the customer wants or needs, but you haven’t considered everything, and missing out on crucial information can cause the sale to stall or fall through. Prepare yourself, but also be ready to listen in order to find the best answer for everyone.