OneSignal is Used by C-SPAN to Increase Audience Engagement is Used by C-SPAN to Increase Audience Engagement

Regarding C-SPAN
A nonprofit television network, C-SPAN (Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network), focuses on public affairs and the federal government of the United States. In order to give Americans unfiltered coverage of the U.S. House, Senate, and Congress, the network was established in 1979. In the modern period, C-SPAN also has a website, a radio station, several podcasts, and social media platforms.

the C-SPAN Now app being launched
The first C-SPAN app was an audio-only application used to stream broadcasts from the Washington, DC-based C-SPAN radio station. The app supported podcasts and simultaneous broadcasts of C-three SPAN’s television networks as it developed, but its user experience remained simple. In order to provide its viewers more options to participate, C-SPAN more recently released a new video app on iOS and Android called C-SPAN Now.

“A video app is available for all news channels. We were aware that we needed to make a push in order to sell C-SPAN video and reach viewers where they were. Although we are primarily a television network, Rachel Katz, the Affiliate Relations Manager for C-SPAN, notes that we also have a website and are active on social media.

Deciding on
The digital media team at C-SPAN anticipated expanding its marketing approach in light of the launch of the new app. In order to keep their new audience interested and give app users additional value, mobile push notifications were essential.

The main purpose of C-push SPAN’s notifications was to power “tune-in” alerts for watching breaking news on their mobile app. People don’t always watch television, so Katz says, “We wanted to reach them and give them the ability to see critical government events that are happening every day from their phones.”

They previously used Amazon’s Simple Notification Service in their primary radio app before discovering Katz realised that audience segmentation and performance data would be essential for refining their communication strategy, despite the fact that the solution offered some basic capability. Katz notes that in considering their legacy solution,

“There are no metrics on the backend, and you must send to everyone. It was a tool that didn’t really lend itself to us carrying out any kind of major mobile push marketing, but it did the job.”

When she discovered, she thought the user experience and customer service were ideal for C-requirements. SPAN’s Being non-technical, their team needed a solution that was simple to use right out of the box and didn’t require a long learning curve. “seemed to be in the sweet spot in terms of utility and efficacy,” according to Katz.

Increasing Their Success
They’ve learned a lot from their previous experience as they continue to develop their messaging strategy. “I believe that when providing breaking news updates, language is very important. Utilizing action words is one of the things we’ve learned. For example, we’ve moved from saying “live now” to “watch live,” which encourages more response “Robin Newton is reflected. As a media relations specialist for C-SPAN, Newton is in charge of creating real-time alerts depending on breaking news.

Katz offers his thoughts on their previous notification system:

“I would rank it very highly in terms of ease of use,” the reviewer said. “It’s been a quantum leap ahead in terms of the interface and the sort of research that we can perform based on user feedback, the analytics that are displayed in the dashboard.”

Newton, who makes frequent use of the dashboard, concurs wholeheartedly:

“It’s quite simple to use, and it’s amazing how rapidly the messages can be delivered.

It’s been really fantastic so far. We can tell that when we send notifications, people actually open them. It’s obviously attracting users to the app, which is fantastic.”