Metrics for App Performance You Should Monitor in Unomok
Metrics for App Performance You Should Monitor in Unomok

The number of devices that launch the app per day, or daily active users (total for all platforms).

You are aware of how many people have downloaded and installed your app, but how many of them have actually used it? The response will be provided by the Daily Active Users. Each user is counted just once because it is the number of devices, not the number of sessions, thus it doesn’t matter if they run your app once or ten times each day.

The number of devices on which the app is launched each month is referred to as MAU (Monthly Active Users) (total for app platforms).

Similar to DAU, monthly active users reveals the distinct number of users of your app. It does, however, inform you of those who have downloaded your app in the previous 30 days.

Subscribers overall
the quantity of Push-capable devices as of the specified date and time.

You can make significant inferences about the effectiveness of your messaging and the performance of your app by seeing how the total number changes over time in this graph. For instance, if you notice a dramatic drop, it may indicate that your app has been working poorly or that your alerts have been irrelevant or invasive, which has caused your users to unsubscribe.

Installs of apps
The total number of newly registered devices, or the total number of devices with a HWID (whether they have push tokens or not).

This indicator demonstrates the success of your user acquisition strategies.

The Push Install
the number of newly registered devices for the app that have push tokens or email addresses, also known as the number of new email and push subscribers.

When you want to evaluate the effectiveness of your opt-in techniques, this is an excellent one to check on.

App launches
how many times the app has been opened on users’ devices as of the specified date and time.

Similar to DAU, but referring to the number of sessions, thus every time a user launches your programme, they are tallied. A high rate of app opens indicates that customers like your software! Well done!

Drive Opens
the quantity of emails and push alerts that consumers have opened.

Checking on open rates is quite crucial. The effectiveness of your subject line in grabbing the attention of your subscribers, or if your emails successfully made it to the inbox and were read or went directly to the spam folder, are both indicated by this measure.

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