Before sending deals on Cyber Monday, you should be aware of these four things.
Before sending deals on Cyber Monday, you should be aware of these four things.

As more consumers turn to online shopping, it appears that Cyber Monday may surpass Black Friday as the peak e-commerce sales day in 2019. Businesses have an obvious potential, but how do they break into such a competitive market?

Find out how to achieve your own record-breaking Cyber Monday sales in the following 4 ways.

1: Time optimization

Make sure your notifications aren’t sent at the incorrect time! Orders surged for users on Cyber Monday about 8:30 p.m. during the 2018 holiday season. That means that after supper, when folks have some free time, they usually go shopping. If you have statistics from previous Cyber Mondays, you should evaluate it and plan your messaging for when engagement has typically been highest.

Remember to send notifications that are tailored to the user’s time zone as well. Your notification might easily change from a terrific offer to an obnoxious vibration due to a 3-hour time difference.

2: Obtain Last-Chance Offers to Entice

While Cyber Monday is consumers’ final opportunity to locate deals that they might never see again, Black Friday marks the start of the busiest shopping weekend of the year. Businesses should take advantage of a user base that is highly driven and willing to spend money.

Customers may be persuaded to make a purchase by receiving push alerts or in-app communications with timely, tailored, and urgent messaging. For instance, if a customer had added a bag to their cart but later removed it, you could email them a reminder on Cyber Monday to give them one last push.

Like, “This suitcase is ideal for your upcoming vacation! It may be successful to say, “50% off for just 2 more hours! “, because it offers the customer value in the form of a discount and establishes a deadline that motivates them to act swiftly.

3: Provide a Warranty

Customers will always have some level of ambiguity when it comes to making their decision, regardless of how much information a company provides prior to a purchase.

Concerns about the last minute can be allayed by a money-back guarantee option. Although it’s a great method to make your offer stand out, you should only employ this tactic if you are certain that it will be accepted. Additionally, it’s a great way to get inundated with return inquiries.

In some industries, this tactic is more essential. An online shoe retailer would be wise to have a free shipping and free returns policy, for instance, as it is unlikely that buyers will feel sure that a pair of shoes they purchase online will fit them adequately. Similar principles apply to clothing and other apparel sales.

4: Make Your Messaging Personal

Most customers have a diverse range of interests. The advantage is that you can determine what they like based on how they have previously used your app or website. Sending your consumers relevant and targeted offers on Cyber Monday is crucial for this reason. Making sure that your offers are based on products that your consumers will be interested in is important because you will be up against tough competition from other businesses.

You can tag your users with Mo User Tags based on their past purchases, abandoned carts, account types, and other user actions. With this knowledge, you may use segments and user tags to build messages that are appropriate for various audiences. A coffee connoisseur will never hear from deals in this way.