Enhance Engagement Through Rich Media
Enhance Engagement Through Rich Media

People today only want to view advertisements with unique visuals, audio, or videos. Consider the potential impact that adding these to push notifications could have on customer engagement and retention.

Rich media is not supported by every platform, but Mok.one makes it quick and simple to add it to your notification campaigns. You may send rich notifications to iOS 10 and Android smartphones using our platform. Mok.one is used by over 700,000 developers to send over 4 billion notifications daily that are filled with interesting content.

When Should We Use Rich Notifications and What Are They?
Rich notifications have better aesthetics and a better user experience since they contain photos, quick movies, action buttons, and icons. These remove the need to launch the application and instead offer chances for quick yet impactful interactions within the notice.

Rich alerts work best when used to: share news articles
Calendar invitations with a scheduling feature
preserving brand coherence
playing quick videos without launching the entire application

How to Make Your Push Campaign Richer Using Media
Rich notifications have the advantage of allowing users to interact with your app even when it is not active.

Two strategies exist for doing this:

Extensions to the content Media attachments
When your notification includes a calendar invitation to an event, you can use content extensions. Users may press the notification, show the meeting details (thus, “content extensions”), and accept the invitation without unlocking their phone, as opposed to going to their personal calendars and manually registering the event.

Using media attachments, you can tag images, videos, and audio to present each user-specific material. Up to a specific file size limit, our system is capable of supporting this. Mok.one Big Picture functionality enables you to send huge images as notifications to Android smartphones.

Rich media is used by Mic to boost engagement by 10%.
Having recently released a new app, Mic, a media and internet company that supports independent and original reporting, wanted to add rich media in its push notification campaigns.

To send rich notifications that would allow their readers to view brief videos and read news summaries without having to unlock their iPhone screens, Mic turned to O. Users had the option of choosing to view the complete news report, which would have sent them directly to the app.

Additionally, they incorporated rich media in their online notifications to inform users of recent news items that they would find interesting.