Growth Marketing Case Study Deep Dive- Aviation Gin
Growth Marketing Case Study Deep Dive- Aviation Gin

I wanted to include this one just because it shows how genius creative branding can be.

Before Ryan Reynold’s even took over the brand, Aviation Gin was a big brand but not growing at the rate that Reynold managed to help grow the spirit’s company.

Social Media and creating viral content

There is no doubt being a celebrity helps, but there are many case studies of celebrities creating bad press for brands or simply not converting their businesses into fruitful successes.

For Reynolds, he understood that one of his biggest-selling assets is his humor so he leveraged Youtube and Instagram to help create viral videos and posts that were easily shareable.

It only took him 1–2 years of creating viral content to help grow Aviation Gin’s influence in the market. Usually, it takes longer for a branding strategy to show effect, but it’s obvious to see Reynold’s charm has helped grow the company to huge volume.

Of course, not everyone is a celebrity, but I still love Reynold’s approach to growing a business, especially his involvement. Too many celebrities except a massive return for no work, and Reynold’s showed he was still willing to put in the hours and his face on the brand to make it successful.

Final Note

As you can see from all these case studies, every company is unique in its growth marketing approach. No blueprint will ever be the same, and it’s always important to understand your own product before implementing someone else’s strategy.

That being said, it’s always good to read about another company’s success, especially on how they created their strategy. There will always be takeaways that can be used, especially when creating your own growth blueprint.

Of course, in some cases, it helps to be a celebrity, but there are many strategies you can employ to create your own success in many cases.